TVIP remote control

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TVIP Remote Control

A replacement remote control for the following TVIP models:

V 410 V 412 V 415 V 501 V 600 V 601 V 605

Is your TVIP V 410/412/415/501 remote control suddenly not responding anymore? It may be misconfigured; try the following before ordering a new one.

Press the refresh button (bottom left) and gear button (top left) for 5 seconds.

Setting up the Bluetooth remote control for TVIP V 60x series
The TVIP V 60x series (including v 600, 601, 605) have the option to operate the remote control via Bluetooth. This allows you to store your box in a cabinet and still use the device.

Step 1: Press the button at the bottom of your box with a thin toothpick/needle, hold it for 10 seconds. The box is now searching for a Bluetooth remote control.
Step 2: On the remote control, press INFO and EPG until the LED blinks.
Step 3: Once the remote control blinks rapidly for a few seconds, you know it is set up on Bluetooth


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