I have been thinking about the testing methodology for a long time and did not find anything better than just following the datasheets from the manufacturers. Test under load close to the maximum for the battery (if required). According to the datasheets, the charge / discharge currents, as well as the threshold voltages, were selected. In order to somehow avoid the element of chance, the batteries were tested more than one at a time. 2. "Sparing" test according to the manufacturer’s datasheet (if any). 1. In this review, I will try to conduct a comparative test of different batteries. Capacity test when discharging up to 3 Volts. But that’s not all.

Comprehensive testing of various batteries. 18650, 16650, 18500, 26650, AA, AAA

Thermal imager. The third test took place on one battery. Also got one very original battery. It is worth mentioning right away that some of the batteries were obtained specifically for this test, some were purchased, but which ones I will not indicate where, since the testing was absolutely independent, which the store manager was warned about. In general, who is interested in this topic, please under cat. Charger OPUS 3100 2. Only a pair passed the second test (if there were more than two), since the test on one battery takes a long time. To make the testing more logical and the results easy to read, I tried to bring all the results into one view. The first test passed all batteries. 1. Points 3 and 4 were not included in the general photo, but I don’t think that this is important. Battery analyzer. At the end of the review, I have collected all the information from my past reviews to make it easier to navigate. Attention, the volume of the review is https://tonaton.com/s_62-baby-bassinets very large, it can be critical for users with paid traffic. 3. https://jiji.ng/port-harcourt/cars/toyota-camry-2011 Among other things, I conducted a test with measuring the capacitance when discharged to 3 Volts, and not to the minimum indicated in the datasheet. Electronic load • It so happened that not only lithium batteries were included in the review, but basically there are https://tonaton.ug/s_20-wine-bar still the usual "18650". The test equipment was: This is what the batteries I was able to assemble for review looked like. But at the same time, I tried to collect as much information as possible, for this, in addition to the mandatory examination and measurement / weighing, I did several tests. 4. At the end there will be graphs and calculations. 4. Standard test at 1 Amp. 3.


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