Reviews about Dodge RAM

Reviews about Dodge RAM There is, in my opinion, a car ladder – on each step of which there is a corresponding car. If we talk about pickups as a class, then at the top of the stairs is the Dodge Ram. I have never seen such a combination of power and comfort anywhere else. (For reference – I went to Avalanche, Tundra and L200). In terms …


Buick Encore tips

There are no jerks, thoughtfulness and some failures in the ride. He left a very pleasant impression. He left a very pleasant impression. The cost of spare parts – very pleasantly surprised. Initially, he was wary of the Buick brand, but talked to the masters at his service station, with the car own …


Bmw 116 tips

Let’s omit the details of obtaining a car loan, going to the bank and other subtleties that inspire melancholy) So, we have a new, shining BMW. Body: Designers did their best. I rode it in various terrains and in any weather. Bmw 116 tips 12.01.2013 I will share my impressions about the BMW 116 with a manual gearbox. The acceleration dynamics …

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